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Who We Are

Behind FinSortis is a team of professionals who have huge experience in the financial sector and have been adopters of blockchain technology. The future of blockchain technology opens up new opportunities in the world of investment and currency trading. The main idea of FinSortis is to create an EcoSystem that will include all the features of working with digital and fiat assets.

  • Global Single-Platform
  • Be Safe and Secure
  • СEX and DEX Payment Systems
  • Global Community for Everyone
Projects Launched
Years of Experience
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Why Choose Us?
FinSortis is one of the world’s leading blockchain-based EcoSystems with a product suite that includes a major digital asset exchange. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to earn, hold, spend, share and give their money – no matter who you are or where you come from.
Global Single-Platform

All the products and features of working with cryptocurrency assets in one system. Easy-to-use platform for all.

Be Safe and Secure

We take care to keep your personal data safe and protect your assets. Our system is regularly audited.

СEX and DEX Systems

All your transfers are protected, funds are kept in secure banks. We cooperate only with trusted partners.

Global Community

FinSortis is developing a community where everyone can benefit from growth and have their opinions heard.

Financial Products

We provide a set of products and financial instruments that will be easy to understand for users without experience.

Secure Networks & Flexibility

Reduce the risk of loss of funds and the cost of funds transfers, increase the security and transparency of the system.

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Steven Beals
Co-founder, VP Marketing

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Emerson Anderson

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